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New Seacourt Hall

Seacourt Hall is scheduled to move to a new permanent location on the ground floor of the new community building currently under construction as part of the redevelopment of West Way centre in Botley. The community building will be completed late in 2019.

Seacourt Hall Management Committee invites all adult residents (aged 18 and over) of North Hinksey Parish to attend a Public Meeting to consider and vote on a resolution to surrender the current hall lease, sign the lease for the new community hall currently being built, and then to move into the new hall once the building is complete later this year. This public meeting is being held in accordance with Clause 20 of the current lease and Charity Commission guidelines.

  • Date: Thursday 18th July 2019
  • Time: 7pm to 7:45pm
  • Venue: temporary Seacourt Hall (2nd floor above Co-op)

Resolution: Seacourt Hall Management Committee (hereafter SHMC) proposes that, upon satisfactory completion of the new community hall currently being built by the Botley Development Company (hereafter BDC) as part of the Botley Centre redevelopment scheme block F, SHMC will carry out the following actions, subject to approval by the Charity Commission:

  1. Request North Hinksey Parish Council (hereafter NHPC) to surrender the current Seacourt Hall lease between the Vale of White Horse District Council (the lessor) and NHPC (the lessee) as signed by representatives of those bodies on the 16th November 1989.
  2. Request NHPC to sign a new lease for the new community hall (as described above) between BDC (the landlord) and NHPC (the tenant), this premises to subsequently be managed by SHMC for the benefit of the residents of North Hinksey Parish, acting as a replacement for the current premises.
  3. After completion of the above actions SHMC are to vacate the current Seacourt Hall premises on a date agreed between SHMC and BDC, and move into the new community hall (as described above).

There will be images and plans of the new hall available at the meeting. You can also download documents and plans here – these will be added in the coming days: