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Seacourt Hall Management

Seacourt Hall (Registered Charity No.1000816) is owned by the Botley Development Company, leased to the North Hinksey Parish Council and administered by the Seacourt Hall Management Committee.

Seacourt Hall is managed by a Committee of Trustees (Seacourt Hall Management Committee) made up of nominated representatives of the North Hinksey Parish Council (4), nominated Hall Users (4) and elected public representatives (2).

At the AGM on 26th September 2018, the 2 members of the public nominated were elected to the committee.

Nominations for election as public representatives at the 2019 AGM on 25th September at 7pm are sought by the 11th September 2018. Please email michael.cockman@gmail.com with name and address details.

The current representative trustees and elected trustees are as follows:

North Hinksey Parish Council: Lorna Berrett, David Kay, Caroline Potter (Vice-chairman) and Andrew Pritchard.

Hall users: Evana Cook (Subud), Diane Long (Branches) and Viv Smith (Lunch Club).

Members of the public: Martin Dowie and Alan Reeve.

Co-opted members: None

Chairman: Lorna Berrett, Tel: 01865 722732.

Secretary & Treasurer to SHMC: Michael Cockman, Tel 01865 241580/07766 317691.

Hall Keeper and Booking Co-ordinator: Eric Batts, Tel 01865 821565 / 07452 960100 (Booking number).