Making a booking

1 – Go to the booking page

Start by clicking here to open our booking page in a new tab in your browser. You may click backwards and forwards between the tabs.

The main part of the display shows a diary with the date along the top, and the different rooms in the left column. There are controls at the top to go to a specific date or to move backwards and forwards by the week, month or year.

2 – Check availability

Find the date and room you would like and click on the + sign in the top right corner. This will take you to a form where you either login as an existing user or sign up as a new user.

3 – Add details

Rooms: Tick the room(s) that you want to include for this booking. If booking the whole hall, make sure all the boxes are ticked.

Event Name: Should be meaningful as it will appear on the calendar for public events.

Start Date/Time and End Date/Time: The start date and time of the event or of the first event if this is a recurring booking.

Recurring Booking: Select this to request of series of regular bookings. See later for what what happens if you tick this box.

Activity: Initially set this to Normal if you are a new customer. Later you will be assigned one or more activities to choose from. Most customers will only be assigned one activity called Normal.

Additional Items: include charges for cleaning (an option for weekend party bookings) and fees for the use of the kitchen (a flat fee for the entire booking period). For the kitchen fees there is a Standard Rate and a Local / Charity Rate.

Description: Please write a clear description of public events. For regular
bookings you may want to add details of how to book.

Privacy: By default events are private and other than date and time will not be visible except to the Seacourt administrators. In most cases you will want to set privacy to either Public or Public – Contact Details Hidden to allow people to find it and come along.

Number of people attending: This need only be an estimate.

Special Requirements: is for anything you want to ask us or tell us

4 – Save and submit

Finally click the green Save button and, if you have filled it in correctly, the form will be sent off for processing. You will be taken to a new screen which is your Hallmaster dashboard which will give access to all your bookings and invoices. You will receive an email response immediately (check your spam/junk area if you don’t receive anything) and should receive a further one within two working days to tell you if your booking request has been accepted.

Recurring Bookings

If you have selected the check box for a recurring booking then choose the booking frequency (Daily, Weekly etc), along with how many additional dates you want to add to this series. Individual dates in a series can be amended to a different date or time. To move an individual date in a series to a different room however, you will need to ask the Seacourt Administrator to do this for you once the booking has been created. Make sure to click on the green Check Availability button. If there is a clash of bookings at any date, time or room, a red error message will display to tell you about the clash. You can then see where the clash is and amend the booking accordingly. Recurring bookings can be made in blocks of three months and for no more than six months ahead.

Logging in again

To login go direct to the login page and enter your username and password. There is a Reset Password facility should you forget your password. This will take you to your dashboard.

After logging in you are taken to your dashboard. This will show all your bookings and invoices and whether or not you have any unpaid invoices. Each time an invoice is generated by the Seacourt administrator you will be sent an email with the invoice.

If you need more help please do contact the Hall Manager using the contact details at the top of the page. The booking system uses Hallmaster; you may want to refer to their user guide.