Covid-19 Guidance

Information on safe use of Seacourt Hall

The following guidance should provide some information on the safe
reopening of Seacourt Hall. Making sure the hall is kept as clean as possible and that social distancing is adhered to. By working together, this will hopefully make the future working arrangements as effective as possible with the least amount of disruption.

We appreciate this is a new way of working, but by following this guidance,
it should make the transition as simple as possible. We are really looking forward to welcoming you back.

Seacourt Hall Management Committee will ensure the following

  • A thorough Covid-19 ‘Risk Assessment’ of the hall will be carried out and made available to all users
  • The hall will undergo a deep clean by a professional company before reopening
  • The hall will continue to be cleaned by our facilities management company twice a week on a Monday and Thursday morning
  • Multiple hand gel sanitising stations, antibacterial wipes, and a Covid-19 First Aid kit will be available
  • Clear signage within the hall, reminding of social distancing, good hand hygiene and First Aid facilities
  • A designated space for someone with Covid-19 like symptoms to sit if identified during your session
  • The Hall Manager will meet with you at the start of your first session to show you the modified hall facilities
  • Only one user group at a time to use the hall to maintain safe social distancing and to avoid ‘pinch points’
  • 30-minute gaps are left between users, allowing enough time to sanitise surfaces and leave the building safely and avoid crowding around entrance/exit. This means that you must not arrive more than 15 minutes before your slot and must depart within 15 minutes of the end of your booking.

Users returning to Seacourt Hall will ensure the following

· Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell: nobody should attend the hall if they have
COVID-like symptoms or if they are self-isolating due to symptoms in their
household. Make sure that everyone likely to attend your activity
understands this

· Clean your hands often; hand gel sanitiser will be provided near the
entrance to hall, as well as in the main hall areas. Remind your group to
use the sanitiser on arrival.

· Supplies are replenished twice a week. If the gel, wipes, soap or hand
towel supplies appear low please alert the Hall Manager.

· We ask all individuals attending the hall to wear a face covering or
mask. We appreciate that there are individual exceptions and that masks do
not need to be worn during exercise classes but should be worn at other
times and uses. Please observe the latest government guidance.

· Regular cleaning of surfaces that are touched frequently: this includes
door handles, handrails, chairs, tabletops, light switches, kitchen
surfaces and window and blind winder handles. Antibacterial wipes will be
provided, these should be used rather than sanitising sprays which can
damage some items. We would expect anyone using the hall to begin their
session by sanitising these common areas and to apply the same practice
before leaving the hall. There is a record declaration sheet on the
noticeboard where you will need to sign off that you have done this after
each session

· Maintain social distancing where possible: the social distancing
guidelines currently require 2 metres to be maintained between individuals
or 1 metre where other actions to reduce transmission such as face masks
are used. Bookings for the hall have been accepted where social distancing
can be maintained

· Users are asked to advise their attendees to avoid queuing in the
corridor for the toilets

· We encourage the hall to be well ventilated during use, keep the exterior
windows and doors open as much as possible, while remembering to secure
these on leaving the building

· Bring your own water bottles if required – the kitchen is currently not available to users

· Please arrange online systems and cashless payments as far as possible.
If cash payments/donations are taken at the hall the should be handled by
one individual wearing gloves.

  • NHS Test and Trace:
    All users are asked to assist in the NHS Test and Trace by keeping a
    temporary record of anyone attends your activity, for 21 days and to
    provide that data to NHS Test and Trace if needed. It is not compulsory
    for people to provide information but could help contain outbreaks. All
    information should be kept securely to comply with GDPR
  • If any attendee receives a COVID
    -19 diagnosis within 21 days of attending the hall you MUST inform the
    Hall Manager on

    07452 960100

· Safe disposal of all rubbish in the bins provided, including tissues, and
used sanitising wipes

First Aid and Designated Areas

Covid-19 First Aid

In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms
while at the hall you should send them home immediately. If they are not
able to leave straight away, then you need to move them to the designated
safe area which is the kitchen. This area is clearly signed. There you will
find the Covid-19 First Aid box, a chair, and a set of laminated

Ask others in your group to provide contact details if you do not already
have them and ask them to leave the hall, observing the usual hand
sanitising and social distancing precautions. Inform the Hall Manager,
Lottie White on:

07452 960100

General First Aid

There are two first aid kits for general (non Covid-19) use, which are in
the kitchen and in the toilet corridor. Both contain a comprehensive range
of standard first aid materials. In addition, there are two eye wash
bottles located next to the first aid kit in the kitchen

Seacourt Hall User Guide – Facilities

Access and Keys:

· Regular users have been provided with their own set of keys. For new
users of the hall, you will be issued with a set of keys, which we will
require you to sign and pay a deposit for. On entering the hall, the
automatic door controls can be set to ‘on’ or ‘hold open’ to allow an easier access to the building and
more effective ventilation. Remember to switch off before you leave.


Regular key users of the hall will need to provide their
registration number to the Hall Manager when staying at the hall for longer
than 2 hours and requiring passes (maximum 2 at any time). You cannot drive
on the road in front of Seacourt Hall between 10am – 4pm to access the car
park and will need to enter the site via the Arthray Road entrance, not via West Way.

Lighting, Windows, Ventilation and Heating:

· You should ensure that all lights are switched off before locking up at
the end of your session. Please wipe down any light switches you have
touched before you leave the hall

· There is no need to turn the heating on or off at the hall – it operates
on a timed system. The level of heating can be adjusted using the radiators
however, please return them to the standard level at the end of your
session and wipe down any controls you have touched

· All windows and doors are fitted with adjustable blinds that can be
operated using the winding mechanisms. Please have the hall as well
ventilated as possible during your activity and remember to close these
before leaving and to wipe down any handles you have touched


Seacourt Hall Management Committee have made the decision to keep the
kitchen area closed to all users at this time – although this decision will
be reviewed monthly and we will advise you if this changes. Please bring
your own water bottles to the hall.

Wall-mounted digital screen

If you require use of the digital screen you must let the Hall Manager know
when you make your booking. You will be provided with instructions and the
remote control. If using the screen users must limit use of the remote
control to 1 person where possible and use the sanitising wipes to clean it
before and after use.


There are 4 unisex toilets available to use and one disabled. Each toilet
will have advisory signage about good handwashing technique. Please do not
queue for a toilet if they are all in use and observe all social distancing
in the corridors

Fire Safety

· A fire alarm system is in operation throughout the whole community
building, with fire control panels located within each main area. This
system will automatically detect smoke and fire in all areas of the
building and set off alarms that will result in fire-fighting services
being notified. Fire exits are clearly signposted, and in the event of a
power failure there will be emergency lighting to aid evacuation

· When an alarm is triggered and continues to sound you must follow the Fire Evacuation Procedure

· Evacuees should meet at the assembly point at the far corner of the car
park to the rear of the hall

Health & Safety:

The following are responsibilities of all hall users

· Being aware of hand gel sanitising stations and where antibacterial wipes

· Practising safe social distancing always

· Being aware of the location and types of fire-fighting equipment present
in the hall and making attendees aware of these

· Being aware of the location and types of first aid equipment present in
the hall and where appropriate making attendees aware of these

· Ensuring that the door used to enter the hall remains unlocked throughout
the booking period, and that access to all external fire exits remains
clear and not blocked by furniture, equipment, or any other materials

· Being aware of the fire evacuation procedure and routes to the assembly
point and making others aware of this. Ensuring that the evacuation
procedure is followed in the event of a fire / alarm and that all
individuals within the hall are evacuated safely. This procedure is clearly
available within the hall and will be explained by the Hall Manager

· Following a fire evacuation, ensuring that the emergency services are
informed about the fire at the earliest opportunity followed by the Hall
Manager or other Seacourt Hall emergency contact.

· In the event of any injury occurring within the hall, ensuring that
adequate treatment is obtained, either on site or from professional medical
services off site, including where necessary the notification of emergency
services to provide an ambulance. Note any accidents in the Accident Book
and let the Hall Manager know

Useful Information

3 Church Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 9TH

Lottie White:

07452 960100

or 07879 451601

Lorna Berrett:
01865 722732 or 07967 111014

David Kay:
01865 240272 or 07952536262